Discipleship Intensive

Grow in Faith. Lead others to Jesus.

Deepen your relationship with God, grow in the disciplines of discipleship, and receive practical formation to help share Jesus with others. Participants receive monthly formation and accompaniment meetings with Deacon Keith and monthly practice sessions with the Most Blessed Sacrament community of disciples.

Sponsored by Most Blessed Sacrament Parish, Oshkosh and Burning Hearts Disciples.

Have Questions?
Contact Shannon Ausloos at mbssausloos@gmail.com or (920) 231-9782

With Deacon Keith Strohm of M3 Ministries

Deacon Keith Strohm is the former Director of the Office for the New Evangelization and a deacon for the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Combining almost 15 of Executive Management in the corporate world with more than 20 years’ experience working within parishes and dioceses in the areas of evangelization, healing, cultural change, and parish transformation, Deacon Keith focuses on practical, proven, real world approaches to Church renewal that actually make an impact.

Upcoming Sessions

March 4 (7PM)
Practice and Discussion with the MBS Team

Unpacking the Kerygma

Current Homework: Experience the kerygma through at least one of the resources provided below. 

Spend some time using either a reflection guide provided for the proclamation you choose, or our general kerygma reflection guide

Previous Sessions

February 18: Session 2 with Deacon Keith

The Power of the Kerygma (The Gospel).

Password for the recording: MBS2021

February 4: Discussion & Practicum with the MBS Team

What Missionary Discipleship Looks Like

January 21: Session 1 with Deacon Keith

Come and See, What is Missionary Discipleship?

Passcode for the recording: MBS2021

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