Singles: Self-Care and Spiritual Growth Plan

Best Use:
As a prayer guide or a conversation with a friend.

Nutritional Value:
Helps you plan what activities and time slots to protect during the coming twelve months for building a strong plan for self-care and spiritual growth.

Mealtime Prompts: Reflecting on the Pandemic

Discussion guide to help your whole household look back over the past few months

Best Use:
To guide as a dinner discussion starter with everyone in your home.

Nutritional Value:
Helps you reflect on the ups and downs of the past year and all the changes the pandemic has brought to our lives.

Grand Ideas: Connect with Your Grandchild

Activities and Ideas to Connect with Your Grandchild

Best Use :

Make a plan, mark your calendar and make it a priority to foster the relationship you have together.

Nutritional Value:  

As a grandparent, you have an incredible opportunity to invest time, energy and creativity into your grandchild(ren).

Long-Distance Grandparenting

Ideas for Intentional Connections with Grandchildren Who Live Far Away

Though your physical contact may be limited, you can still maintain a regular presence and have a great impact on your grandchildren’s lives. It just takes a little planning!

Grandparents: Influencing Grandchildren

Influencing Grandchildren

Grandparents in the 21st century face a mix of new opportunities and challenges. Extended life expectancy has dramatically changed the length and look of the empty nest years. Many grandparents now have greater opportunities for work and travel. Tight-knit family relationships have increasingly given way to family members spread over wide geographic distances. Some grandparents face the challenge of getting time with grandchildren because of divorce. A growing number of grandparents have watched circumstances drive them to take primary responsibility for raising their grandchildren.  

In this context, it’s become less clear what role grandparents can best play. They are not just a good source for gifts and free babysitting.

What’s the most important thing a grandparent can do?

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Single: Growing in Faith

Single: Growing in Faith

Whether you’re young or old, single by choice or made single by circumstances beyond your control, the single life can be a place of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and joy.

How can a believer become intentional about growing in faith as a single person?

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Engaged: Getting Ready for Marriage

Engaged: Getting Ready for Marriage

Congratulations on this wonderful milestone. Few seasons in life are filled with as much joy and anticipation as the time spent preparing to get married. You’ve probably heard it said that as you plan your wedding, you shouldn’t forget to plan your marriage. But it sounds so abstract to “plan a marriage” in the midst of the more tangible (and demanding) project of planning a wedding.

How do you do it?

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Older Children: Opening Dialogue with Your Teen

Best Use: A “cheat sheet” for a parent trying to open up meaningful communication with a teenager.

Nutritional Value: Helps parents push past the sometimes awkward process of talking to a teenager by sincerely listening to what matters to them.

Young Children: Creating Impression Points

Best Use: To guide a dessert date with your younger child(ren) in which you will select ways to share faith discussions together.

Nutritional Value: Helps you launch frequent faith discussions in order to fulfill the commandment to “impress them on your children” found in Deuteronomy 6:6-9