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Singles: Self-Care and Spiritual Growth Plan

Best Use:As a prayer guide or a conversation with a friend. Nutritional Value:Helps you plan what activities and time slots to protect during the coming twelve months for building a strong plan for self-care and spiritual growth.

Grandparents: Passing on a Strong Christian Legacy

Best Use:To guide memorable faith discussions with your grandchildren. Nutritional Value:Helps you launch frequent faith discussions in order to pass down a strong Christian legacy to your grandchildren.

Mealtime Prompts: Reflecting on the Pandemic

Discussion guide to help your whole household look back over the past few months Best Use:To guide as a dinner discussion starter with everyone in your home. Nutritional Value:Helps you reflect on the ups and downs of the past year and all the changes the pandemic has brought to our lives.

Grand Ideas: Connect with Your Grandchild

Activities and Ideas to Connect with Your Grandchild Best Use : Make a plan, mark your calendar and make it a priority to foster the relationship you have together. Nutritional Value:   As a grandparent, you have an incredible opportunity to invest time, energy and creativity into your grandchild(ren).


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